“The children in the images were not harmed”: Permission-giving thoughts relating to child sexual exploitation material offending

Danielle Kettleborough

Following on from the recent blog post detailing the development of the Children, Internet, and Sex Cognitions (CISC) scale, this post will further explore the findings from this research, focusing on the permission-giving thoughts endorsed by individuals with an offence related to child sexual exploitation material (CSEM).

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Does lust make us stupid? Part II

Ross Bartels

At the 33rd ATSA conference, Jesse Bering (author of ‘Perv: The sexual deviant in all of us) gave an interesting opening keynote entitled ‘Does Lust Make us Stupid? The Effect of Sexual Arousal on Decision-Making’. This subject has clear relevance to the work undertaken by clinicians and researchers in the field of sexual offending. That is, it is likely to account (in part) for why some individuals engage in sexual activity with underage or non-consenting individuals. However, despite the importance of the topic, Bering argued that it has evaded empirical attention.

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