Current research: Understanding the puzzle of incest

Lesleigh Pullman

The causes of sexual abuse by fathers toward their children are not well understood. Factors related to family dynamics, such as parenting style, could be a useful explanation. More research is needed to understand how family dynamics may play a role in father-child incest.

The purpose of our research is to test explanations of why some men abuse their children. We are trying to find out if fathers who commit sex offences against their own children are different from fathers who do not commit such offences. Finding out more about these possible explanations for incest can help us to better understand the motivation behind these offences and, ultimately, how to reduce them through assessment and treatment.

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NextGenForensic is one year old!


In fact, NextGenForensic was conceived two-and-a-half years back on September 6th, 2012, when Ian McPhail fired out an email to seven early-career-types with the idea of a ‘multi-author blog’. That email began, “Hello dear friends and colleagues, I have a modest proposal for you all.” Modest as the proposal may have been, it was an inviting and exciting one. However, it wasn’t until February 20, 2014, that NextGenForensic was born. On that day, the two Ians (McPhail and Elliott) finally accepted parental responsibility, gave ourselves fancy grandiose titles, and recruited Caoilte, Kelly, and Ross. Along the way, we also acquired our link to the student world, Danielle.

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Dr. Kelly Babchishin awarded the 2014 ATSA Graduate Research Award!

Her fellow Editors here at nextgenforensic would like to congratulate Kelly Babchishin on being awarded the Graduate Research Award at this year’s Annual Conference of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers. Her longitudinal study examining how sex offenders change on risk-relevant propensities over time was given the top scores by the ATSA Research Committee. We at nextgenforensic are obviously biased because Kelly is a friend and colleague of ours, but her prolific work in the field is well-known and well-respected and she has a reputation as one of the sharpest young minds in this area of work. Congratulations Kelly!

Introducing the nextgenforensic blog

Ian V. McPhail

The nextgenforensic academic community blog is a new venue for freshly-established academics, researchers, and practitioners working to further our understanding of sexual violence and its prevention. We believe it is vital for researchers to share their work and ideas for tackling this pressing social issue, and an open forum for posting content and inviting discussion will further this goal. We seek to unite the next generation of researchers in the field and provide a platform on which aspiring academics can find their voice, hone their craft, share their work, build their professional identity, and connect with other scholars, practitioners, and the public.

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The NextGen team are currently putting together a string of witty, insightful, and interesting posts in anticipation of the official launch of the NextGen Forensic Blog. Mark your calendars, as we will be open for business early in 2014! Keep updated by following us on Twitter (@NextGenForensic).

We will be distributing a ‘Call for Submissions’ in the coming weeks to academics, practitioners, and post-graduate students in the field. In brief, we’re looking for short pieces on a wide variety of topics – the more interactive the better! Short research translations, descriptions of promising programs, PhD students declaring their research intentions, data infographics, Prezi presentations, audio podcasts, we want them all!

We also want the audience to be as wide-ranging as possible: practitioners looking to stay current in best-practice, those seeking to inform policy, interested members of the public, and, of course, graduate, post-graduate, and career researchers who want to know who else is out there doing this work.

Watch this space!

~The NextGen Team

Online & wired to make some waves!

A first post for a blog dedicated to sharing the latest and greatest research, theoretical, and treatment ideas from the young students and scholars that are the NextGen in the efforts to understand, assess, treat, and prevent sexual violence. We’re devoted to the shining a spotlight on and discussing the best efforts being conducted in the field and exploring how the NextGen is expanding our understanding and improving prevention of this serious social issue.

~The NextGen Team