nextgenforensic is an academic community blog that aims to provide a platform for the next generation of ideas in the field of theory, assessment, treatment, and prevention of sexual offending and for researchers and practitioners to communicate their ideas and work to a wider audience.  We seek to unite the next generation of researchers in the field and provide a medium through which aspiring academics can find their voice, hone their craft, share their work, build their professional identity, and connect with other scholars.

The blog will host content that focuses on the latest research and theory into the causes and prevention of sexual offending. The content also includes efforts in the prevention of sexual offenses across the globe. We actively encourage debate regarding the ideas contained on the blog, as debate is a healthy way toward new ideas and understandings. All members of the public are encouraged to post their thoughts. The intended audience is academics new and old, but also the practitioner community – all contributors should write with the premise that their audience is a practicing one.

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A word of caution:
Everyone who posts a comment should keep in mind the emotional nature of the topic of the blog. While we will try to keep an open mind, comments that are harmful, prejudiced, or otherwise nasty will be removed. The views expressed in each blog post are those of the author(s) and may not necessarily represent those of their affiliated institutions.

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