Can we analyze word associations in online solicitation transcripts using online software Overview? Part 2

Hollie Richardson

Last year Ian Elliott began investigating the use of free, open-source online text analysis tool Overview (read Ian’s post here) to examine online grooming transcripts. The tool – originally designed for investigative journalists and more recently used by researchers – searches and analyses huge sets of documents simultaneously and provides a visualization of the broad trends and patterns across these documents in the form of ‘topic trees’. This post describes the findings of an updated analysis with a larger sample.

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10 online talks about sexual violence: Causes, cures, and questions

Caoilte Ó Ciardha

If you take an interest in any subject, you’ll invariably have a wealth of video resources immediately available online covering everything from piloting giant robots to cat massage. Videos focusing on scientific research can often get across complex concepts in a more intuitive or engaging way than written material. TED Talks, for example, provide engaging slick presentations on a huge variety of topics including science, business, and global issues. Academic journals are increasingly making content available as video abstracts allowing for an alternative method of circulating the key findings from research. Unfortunately, high quality, rigorously researched video resources on the topic of sexual violence can be hard to find. I’ve tried to do some of the legwork for readers of NextGenForensic and find thought-provoking or informative videos on important topics.

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