Sex offending runs within families

Kelly M. Babchishin

We (Långström, Babchishin, Fazel, Lichtenstein, & Frisell, 2015) have recently published a large population-based study and found that sex offending runs within families. Based on all men convicted of any sexual offence (N = 21,566) in Sweden from 1973 to 2009, we found that brothers of men convicted of sex offences were five times more likely to commit the same types of crimes than population controls and that sons of men convicted of sex offences were four times more likely.

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What’s wrong with “child pornography”? The impact of terminology

Danielle Kettleborough

As researchers, we make choices daily about what terminology to use in our reports.  We take our writing seriously and try to write as intelligibly as possible, but we often don’t think twice about the specific terms we use. We may not consciously choose a particular term, it’s just something we have become familiar with and use it so often that we don’t always consider its impact.

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