A response to Virtuous Pedophiles Exist

Nick Devin and Ethan Edwards (founders of Virtuous Pedophiles)

Thank you so very much for pointing out the very important distinction between pedophiles and child molesters.  Pedophiles are universally reviled, because people mistakenly believe that all pedophiles are either child molesters or are fated to become child molesters. This is simply not true.  No one chooses to be sexually attracted to children, and pedophiles can’t stop being sexually attracted to children, but many can and do successfully resist their attractions.

This hatred has its costs, both to children and to non-offending pedophiles themselves.  Many pedophiles don’t seek professional help because of the shame involved in admitting to therapists that they are sexually attracted to children.  Think how many cases of abuse would be avoided if pedophiles who were dedicated to resisting their attractions were treated with sympathy and respect, and were therefore more willing to seek professional help in order to remain law-abiding. And think of the cost to non-offending pedophiles themselves.  Many are depressed, and even suicidal, because of sexual thoughts that they didn’t choose but are able to successfully resist.

Imagine for a moment that it was your child who was unfortunate enough to be attracted to children.  According to leading scientists, there is approximately one percent chance of this happening no matter how good a parent you may be.  What would you want for your child?  Would you want him or her to be alone, full of self-hate, forced to bear this burden without help?  Or instead, would you want your child to be treated with sympathy and respect, to have access to help so your child could live a happy, productive and law-abiding life?

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4 thoughts on “A response to Virtuous Pedophiles Exist”

  1. probably more then one percent: when you include pubescent and adolescent “children” hebephilia,cos under the UN and wacky feminist laws,they’re still minors!

  2. I agree with Patrick that it is much higher than 1%. The DSM-5 suggests an incidence rate for pedophilic disorder of up to 5%, which is limited to prepubescent children and has a much higher threshold than pedophilia as a sexual orientation or interest.

  3. As the Director of Help Services as Stop It Now!, I hear from both adults and teenagers about the struggles (and fear) they experience as they are trying to come to grips with being a person who is experiencing sexual attraction to minors but who is also committed to the safety and well-being of children. They speak of their intention to never harm a child but feel completely alone and hopeless. Stop It Now! remains committed to supporting all adults live a harm-free life with as much respect and support as possible. We have always believed that when a help and support are offered, adults do take up the call to be responsible for what happens to children, even if it means getting help for themselves.

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