Community reboot: Getting former prisoners safely back online

Ian A. Elliott

For a number of years now I have been involved in a series of projects that have sought to answer a modern reentry conundrum: given the ubiquity and the professed positive effects of internet access, how can we safely incorporate ‘online reentry’ into parole and probation community practice, both generally and for those where internet access was a part of their crimes? How can we encourage and support internet use while at the same time impede potential criminal opportunities that such access may afford?

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So, what’s the point in blogging? Benefits for graduate students

Danielle Kettleborough

You might tell yourself that blogging is a complete waste of time, precious time that could be spent doing something more productive.  You probably think blogging is time consuming, you have no idea what to write and believe that nobody would bother to read it anyway!  As a grad student, life is busy: you are running various research projects, preparing for presentations, course work, meetings, attempting to get your work published, get grants, and so on… it’s a busy life and it all takes time.  Fitting in all of the required activities can be a task in itself, let alone finding the time to do something you may view as ‘extra’, such as writing a blog post.  I am going to discuss some of the reasons why I believe blogging can be beneficial.

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