Introducing the nextgenforensic blog

Ian V. McPhail

The nextgenforensic academic community blog is a new venue for freshly-established academics, researchers, and practitioners working to further our understanding of sexual violence and its prevention. We believe it is vital for researchers to share their work and ideas for tackling this pressing social issue, and an open forum for posting content and inviting discussion will further this goal. We seek to unite the next generation of researchers in the field and provide a platform on which aspiring academics can find their voice, hone their craft, share their work, build their professional identity, and connect with other scholars, practitioners, and the public.

Most venues where research and theory on the causes, prevention, and treatment of problematic sexual behaviour are published or discussed are hidden in professional organizations’ listservs or behind the paywalls of academic peer-reviewed journals.  nextgenforensic is an open space for professionals in the field and non-professionals to digest and discuss topics posted: anyone who has internet access and stumbles upon the site can read and join in the discussion. We believe a combination of public and professional engagement and collaboration is vital to an open debate on pressing social issues like sexual violence. Our aim is to provide content that will engage professional and public minds alike – especially those who may not necessarily have access to such discussions through traditional sources.

From the diverse and complex field of work that aims to reduce sexual violence, we solicit posts that present theoretical ideas, methodological innovations in research and treatment, research project updates, recently completed dissertation and thesis briefs, Prezis and presentations, news article commentaries, and most anything else that is interesting and informative and that sparks discussion and debate. Methodological and theoretical innovations that are in development stages or not quite ready for the prime-time of journal submission are especially welcomed. By exploring and encouraging new methods for use in research and treatment and new ideas by new scholars within the field of preventing sexual violence, this blog will contribute to a perpetually unfolding historical process that is progress in science. In keeping with this, our intent is to solicit, encourage, share, discuss, and promote novel approaches to solving the problem of sexual violence. Indeed, this blog is devoted to the principle that progress is made when “anything goes” (Feyerabend, 1975, p. 19) in developing and discussing new methods and theory to tackle difficult social problems.  We look forward to lively discussions on these topics.

The editors and associate editors of nextgenforensic welcome contributions from researchers, academics, and practitioners in the early stages of their careers. Original contributions that present state-of-the-art research translations, doctoral dissertation/master’s thesis briefs, new project summaries, theoretical/conceptual developments, practical or methodological advances, treatment advances, and infographics and media are welcomed. The editorial team will accept contributions, will review the contributions based on written style/quality and relevance to the blog’s anticipated audience, and will post contributions to the blog’s main page.  See the Submissions page for more details.

Feyerabend, P. (1975). Against method. London: NLB.

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