The NextGen team are currently putting together a string of witty, insightful, and interesting posts in anticipation of the official launch of the NextGen Forensic Blog. Mark your calendars, as we will be open for business early in 2014! Keep updated by following us on Twitter (@NextGenForensic).

We will be distributing a ‘Call for Submissions’ in the coming weeks to academics, practitioners, and post-graduate students in the field. In brief, we’re looking for short pieces on a wide variety of topics – the more interactive the better! Short research translations, descriptions of promising programs, PhD students declaring their research intentions, data infographics, Prezi presentations, audio podcasts, we want them all!

We also want the audience to be as wide-ranging as possible: practitioners looking to stay current in best-practice, those seeking to inform policy, interested members of the public, and, of course, graduate, post-graduate, and career researchers who want to know who else is out there doing this work.

Watch this space!

~The NextGen Team

Online & wired to make some waves!

A first post for a blog dedicated to sharing the latest and greatest research, theoretical, and treatment ideas from the young students and scholars that are the NextGen in the efforts to understand, assess, treat, and prevent sexual violence. We’re devoted to the shining a spotlight on and discussing the best efforts being conducted in the field and exploring how the NextGen is expanding our understanding and improving prevention of this serious social issue.

~The NextGen Team